Spring is Coming Soon

We sincerely hope that you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Here at Hope Fruit and Berry farm, it seems like spring 2017 is coming early.  At least it feels that way.  On Sunday February 12th, we had a high of 80 degrees.  A warm winter it has been, except for a few days in December 2016.  The one Southern High Bush blueberry bush we have has been in full bloom since the first week in February.  All the Rabbiteye blueberries are beginning to break bud.  Never have blueberries bloomed this early.  The earliest prior to this year was in 2012, when the Climax blueberries bloomed on February 16, 2012.   We wonder what is going to happen in the future regarding all our berries and fruit for the coming season.

But we will look to our Glorious and Holy God for what ever He brings our way and praise Him.

So from all here at the farm our prayers are that you have a blessed year in 2017 in all things.

Soli Deo Gloria


Pointers for Farm Visitors

mmmWe want you to enjoy your experience at the farm. It does get warm working in the sun, so be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat. We do have cold water and a restroom available. Always feel free to pack a snack or a picnic lunch. We will provide buckets for you to use as you gather fresh berries. If you want to bring containers to haul your fruit home, you are welcome to do so. To make the experience enjoyable for other U-pickers and their children, we respectfully ask that you not bring pets with you to the fields. While we often think of farm life as idyllic, please remember that there are certain hazards inherent to the country life. As you are walking through the fields, be mindful of holes in the ground. We try to keep them filled as well as possible, but often times roots rot out or animals dig, creating holes we may have missed. In addition, critters are all around us, and while it may be fun to spot rabbits frolicking amongst the plants, fire ants and wasps are not nearly as cute. We offer these warnings not to scare you, but simply to caution you to always be aware. We want you to be prepared with as much information as possible to make your visit as pleasant as possible.


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