What to do with a New Year

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Well the New Year is here. It is 2010. It came on schedule with no stops and starts or jerks along the way. And here it is January 7th which seems like it was yesterday that we had a New Year’s celebration but yesterday, Jan 6th seemed like many days that occurred in my life last year and the year before. Since retirement seems I’ve done more work than I did when I was working. The burning question that I keep asking myself is, “What’s different about a New Year?” How come we call it a New Year when nothing ever changes. Seems like it is not so new but old. But on to the more serious questions to be answered.

Now that we’ve got it what do we do with it? Do we go to work everyday as we did last year or do we just hang out hoping that things will get better? Do we plan for our future or do we wait for others to plan for us? Do we wait on another year to roll around or count each day as an opportunity to thank God and love others?

I’ve been wanting to get answers to these question most of my life, so help me out. But another thought could be that might get to the heart of my concern, “What is life all about?” Yes I think that is it. Therein lies the answer to each of our New Years if we can put a handle on this thing called life. Otherwise it is being born, creating problems on this earth for others as we age, and then dying. Sounds kinda scary and sad.

Have a great year answering that question. Oh, I think I have might have some answers to all those questions, but !

Dewey Wise, Jan 7, 2010

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