Who Chooses: Me or God

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How can I be God’s if I choose Him?

I thought that you, the reader, might want to deal with or think about this question. It is an interesting question that seems to put one into an ownership position.

If I choose something or acquire it by my choice then seems like I own it. I realize that ownership of something can come about through different means. But the question is in reality, “How can God own me if I choose Him?” Now I realize that I might give myself to Him, but even that implies that I might take myself back because within that statement is implied that I always have control over me. Which takes away the idea of ownership. We know people that way, who give but then want something in return. I’ve watched my grandchildren around Christmas time as they give gifts. I’ve seen a couple of times when they indicated they wanted their gift back or one just like it.

So which is it? Do I choose to give myself to God or does He choose me? Can I be a child of God? Can I give up ownership and responsibility for my well being?

Seems I recall a TV and radio commercial from my past that ended something like this. “You decide.” But remember that if you “decide” you might not be deciding.

Have a great day, hopefully in our gracious, loving, righteous, judging, merciful, Holy God.

Soli Deo Gloria

Dewey Wise

April 9, 2010

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