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Do We Think Christianly?

We at Hope Fruit and Berry Farm want to invite you to fellowship with us and others the first and third Tuesday of the month at 6 PM. It will be a time for snacks, fellowship, and discussion around God’s Word.  We’ll have some light refreshments so that you won’t have to worry about preparing dinner at home. We’ll help take care of the young ones as well. Just bring yourself, your family and your thinking cap. Our discussions will be based on the questions you’ve always had about God as we search for the answers that come from His Word.

Some of the questions that I have raised over the years include: “ What is the greatest reality? What is truth? Why do we exist? What about those folks who have never heard of Christ Jesus our Great Redeemer? What about death and suffering? How does God use suffering to our good? How do the Old Testament and New Testament relate? Is God absolutely sovereign over His creation? “ Maybe these things have been on your mind as well.

Bring your bible, no matter what translation. If you forget, I’ll have one here for you to use. You are welcome regardless of your church background. I’ve fellow shipped with others all over the world and my passion is to meet and get to know people regardless of their background or church affiliation. But most of all I want to glorify God in all that I do. What better way to do this than meeting with others, spending time in fellowship and with our Great Almighty God through His Word.

If you are like me then you probably want to know who in the world this invitation is coming from. You can learn a little about us and find directions to Hope Fruit and Berry Farm by going to web site: There is also a Hope Blog page that contains some thoughts and writings from me. I hope that will help.  Of course you know that or you would not be here.  Why am I providing the following? Because we live in an age of many ideas and beliefs, I would want to know something about a person before I visited in their home.

I will offer you a little more information that is not on the farm web site, not to impress but so that you can be comfortable. Though my family has been in Mississippi for almost 30 years, we are fairly new to Smith County having made our home here in 2005, after purchasing land in 2000. In all my travels around this wonderful state I have come to dearly appreciate each of its citizens, especially here in our immediate surrounding area. What open, sharing, unpretentious folks you are! I am retired from the Air Force, taught at William Carey College and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College over a period of 20 years. I have college degrees from Air Force, William Carey College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. (Don’t let that scare you, degrees just prepare a person to learn but learning can take place without degrees. I value learning regardless if by the school of “hard knocks” or in a formal setting.) Let’s start  2015 off with a study of God’s Word in fellowship.  If you can’t I pray that you will be in a study of God’s Word somewhere.  I recall a statement John Piper made a few years ago about God’s Holy Word.  He said that we ought always to dig for gold and not scratch around in the leaves.  I will add to that.  When we scratch in the leaves we are being like the world and culture we live in.  It is so shallow.  When we dig for gold we are trying to get into the heart of God where we find joy, love, mercy, righteous and peace with Him.  That is where I want to live.  I hope you do also.  All who read this can know that you are in my prayers for 2015.  Jesus said in Matt 22:37 that the first and great commandment is to love the Lord God with all our heart, mind, and soul.  We can never truly love God with our heart, soul and mind until we know Him and we can only do that through His Word (scriptures) where He has revealed Himself and all His promises.

I dearly love the Lord and I love people. I joy in His sovereignty over His creation and love His Word. Come and let’s take time to know each other and our great God and Redeemer better.

Our only Hope is in Him who died that we might live.”

Romans 5:1-10


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Dewey Wise,   2 Jan 2015

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