Thinking About the Old Covenant vs. the New Covenant

Which is best?

To instruct or to know by heart

In being an ignorant student of God’s word, I was considering the differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant while studying the book of Jeremiah. God says in Jeremiah 31:31 that He is going to make a New Covenant in the future with Israel and Judea. He explains in verse 33 one major difference from the Old Covenant. His Law will be written in the people and on their hearts. He goes on to say in verse 34 that teaching will not be necessary to know Him. Here is verse 34, “They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, ‘Know the LORD,’ for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,” declares the LORD, “for I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more.” (NASB) In reading further, I noticed in Chap 32:33 these words from God about how He had dealt with His people under the Old Covenant, ““They have turned their back to Me and not their face; though I taught them, teaching again and again, they would not listen and receive instruction.”(NASB)

Immediately I began to consider if there is a difference here and related it to what I have seen in teaching adults for over thirty years. So let us consider for a moment these two contrasting ideas. In the New Covenant God will plant His Law in the person. Under the Old Covenant He had taught and instructed.

Can you see a difference? I think you can if you will thoughtfully analyze what occurs when we instruct a person and when you hear a person say, “I know it by heart.” Also think about what parents say very often. “I know my child knows because I’ve told him a hundred times.” The number of times I’ve heard this cannot be counted. The parent actually believes that just because a child is told to do or not to do something that he knows to do or not to do it without being told. My question to parents is, “Are you sure they know? How do you know they know?” Until an experience or some information becomes part of a person – meaning that it is embedded in one’s being (“heart”, as scripture says) – he or she will not think or act the experience and/or information out in daily life. Another way of stating it is, “No change in behavior will occur.” The Master Psychologist, Almighty God, tells us in these verses of Jeremiah what is required for us to change our attitude and behavior. He knows us because He created our minds and hearts. Our hearts have to change. And the only way our hearts will change is for Him to change them. He tells us He will. A question for you is, “Does He do that for all people?”

I’ll leave it to you to see the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant and understand the marvelous works of Almighty God. Which is best? The Old or the New?

Sola scriptura

Sola fide

Sola gratia

Solus Christus

Sole Deo gloria

Dewey Wise

February 6, 2009

Hope Fruit and Berry Farm

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