Our Story of Hope

When we purchased the property that comprises Hope Fruit and Berry Farm in 2000, it was covered with woods. After clearing the land, we went about building a farm.

While our emphasis has been on blueberries, we have also planted blackberries and muscadines. We set out peach, apple, pear and oriental persimmon trees, and have seen some fruit production begin in this area. Our antique strawberries are small and tart. While not the type most people are used to picking, they make a wonderful jam.

Our desire is to grow the things that God will allow us to grow, and to share them with you. During the fruit season, we take our produce to several festivals and markets across the state. You can find us at local markets via Facebook and Twitter. Also, please feel free to visit us here at the farm to pick your own fruit. This can be a wonderful family outing, a field trip for the kids, or a great way to spend a solitary morning. If you are interested in canning your fruit or growing your own, we can supply you with information on that as well.

Our family has been so richly blessed in this work; we hope that you will come and share with us in God’s glorious bounty. Hope to see you soon!

Soli Deo Gloria!